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Welsh couple Dorian and Hayley Medlicott first began building in the UK – offices, health facilities, commercial stores, industrial units and hundreds of houses.

Eventually they moved to western Canada, craving opportunity and wide open spaces, where they continued their craft. But as they say, home is where the heart is and the Medlicotts’ love of home and family saw Beacon’s focus turning to more and more home building projects.


Named after the famed Brecon Beacon Mountain range in South Wales, welcome to the new brand—Beacon Mountain Homes (formerly Beacon Projects).


The Medlicotts have always placed clients and quality first, investing in relationships. The evolution of gives a nod to their heritage, and at the same time, offers a bold and positive new visual identity capturing the essence of who they are for future homebuyers in the Canadian Rockies.


The Beacon brand is a Celtic Knot symbolizing love. And working with Beacon means you feel loved. It’s like being pulled into a cozy Welsh CWTCH, a very special kind of cuddle.

While other builders want to be recognized as leaders by their peers or their industry, Beacon’s priority and passion is to excel at building client homes and relationships. Dorian and Haley thrive on the interaction with people and at the end of the day, if their clients are happy, they are happy.


At the core of Beacon’s philosophy and success is detailed planning and cost management. Unlike builders who proceed without professional pre-construction planning, the Beacon process employs a sophisticated cost estimating system to calculate the best, fixed price possible for the client.


When families entrust Beacon to build their mountain escape, they are looking for a beautiful end result. Beauty starts with exceptional planning, robust building practices, and a team that understands precision. Beacon ensures corners are square, footings are solid and millwork is exacting. They know mountain homes finishing touches like great walls of windows, wood burning fireplaces and timber beams need extra care and attention to ensure that function meets form.


Dorian’s passion for homebuilding is matched only by his love of family and rugby. Inspired by his mother who has served as a health care professional in Wales for more than 45 years, Dorian says it’s helping people achieve their dreams that drives him to build beautiful mountain homes – on time and on budget. A slave to the plan and executing with a precise schedule and appreciation for his clients’ pocketbooks, Dorian has become known for his homes and commercial projects throughout the Bow and Elk Valleys, stretching from Fernie to Canmore.


Hayley knows her way around a kitchen, and that kitchen knowledge has saved several Beacon Homes clients’ from making some big mistakes. While Dorian oversees the big picture process of home builds, Hayley is working in the background to ensure the design is not only beautiful, it’s perfectly functional. In fact, her favourite part of the job is problem solving design dilemmas over multiple cups of tea in the early morning hours. She’ll noodle the problem until it’s solved and the clients are content.


At the end of the day, when the Medlicotts hand clients the keys to their personal sanctuary, they know they will feel complete. The kitchen will be ‘mom-proofed’, there will be the perfect spot for the fresh Christmas tree each holiday season, the indoor space will flow seamlessly through to the outdoors.


Although the brand has a new name and look, customers are guaranteed to have the same top quality experience.

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